Middle School Hybrid Program

Meeting Your Needs

NVCA families love the opportunities available to their children that ensure a biblically based education as the foundation of their academics. The Middle School Hybrid Program is available to seventh and eighth grade students. Students and families benefit from this program because it offers choice and flexibility. With the flexibility of online learning that coincides with in-person courses, the Middle School Hybrid Program may be the best option to meet your child's individual needs. 

The Benefits

The Middle School Hybrid Program is dedicated to expanding its outreach to a diverse student body by infusing Christian principles into its educational approach. Through the integration of Christ-centered values, the program aims to create a nurturing environment that supports academic growth and fosters spiritual development. In parallel, the initiative encourages increased involvement in extracurricular activities, recognizing them as avenues for students to further explore their interests. All of this is framed within the overarching commitment to cultivating a holistic educational experience that emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy life balance grounded in Christian teachings.


NVCA commits to partnering with you to enhance your student's academic achievement. 

Admission Requirements

  • Application
  • Interview
  • Previous year's report card
  • Reference Check (1 personal /1 education)
  • Onboarding (first week of school)
  • Shadow (for new to NVCA students)

Parental Support

Students are required to uphold a C average, and NVCA will implement measures to monitor and support their academic progress. Nevertheless, it remains the student's responsibility to seek assistance from teachers if they encounter challenges.

Parental involvement is crucial. Parents are anticipated to actively accompany their students on this academic journey, proactively initiating check-ins and maintaining open communication with teachers.


The NVCA Promise

Steadfast in faith, NVCA is committed to a Christ-centered education that transforms lives and impacts communities.
Our role is to define and reinforce God-given value, purpose, and meaning in the pursuit of knowledge and growth in Christ.
An NVCA education comprises the foundation for a lifetime of learning.