Lion Guard Program


NVCA Lion Guard Program

The Lion Guard Program is NVCA’s educational initiative to support family engagement and encourage fathers and/or father figures to get involved by volunteering on NVCA's campus.

Lion Guards:

  • Are positive role models on campus. 
  • Volunteer their time to the school and students. 
  • Promote education. 
  • Are an extra set of eyes and ears on campus to enhance school and campus security. 

What are the expectations of the Lion Guard?

The goal is to have a Lion Guard on campus each day of the school year.  With a simple commitment of three days per school year, we can achieve this goal. If 60 participants volunteer only three days during the year, this would place a Lion Guard on the school grounds every day for the whole school year. 

Lion Guards should be on campus from 7:45 a.m. until noon (Full day optional). 

Duties include: 

  • Patrol the school campus 
  • Support in their students' classroom 
  • Recess supervision 
  • Lunchroom assistance 
  • Before-school student drop-off assistance 


How do I become a Lion Guard?

1. Complete Lion Guard registration. Upon completing your registration, you will receive a welcome email and reminder to complete a background check if not already complete. 


2. Complete the background check. If you have a current fingerprint clearance card, you may submit this to the office instead of completing a background check. 


3. Schedule your day on campus. Please don not schedule sooner than one week from submitting your background check. 


For any questions about the NVCA Lion Guard you may email the coordinators:
Jesus Barreda & Jason Paul

NVCA Lion Guard Program - FAQ's

Who can be a Lion Guard? 
Fathers, grandfathers, and father figures of current NVCA students 

Do I need to complete the registration? 
YES! All volunteers must complete the Lion Guard registration and must complete a background check before scheduling their time on campus.  


What do I need to do after completing the Lion Guard registration? 
Move to Step 2 and complete your background check. 


Is a background check required? 
YES! Lion Guards will not be allowed on campus without a cleared background check.  

How do I know if my background check is cleared? 
Wait 48-72 hours for processing.  You will only be contacted if your background has not been cleared. 

What should I do if I completed my background check but haven’t received an email to schedule my day on campus yet? 
Check on status by emailing us at  

What do I wear for campus duty? 
The official Lion Guard shirt can be purchased in the front office. 

What time do I need to be there? 
It is recommended to arrive at 7:45 a.m. to assist with drop-off.  A typical day's schedule is 7:45 a.m. to noon.

Where do I check in for my day on campus? 
At the front office with the receptionist. 

What will I be doing on campus? 
See the expectations section above. 

How many times can I volunteer? 
There is no limit to the number of days a Lion Guard can be on campus. We encourage each Lion Guard to volunteer a minimum of 3-5 days each school year. 

Will I get to spend time in my child’s classroom? 
Yes, but only for grades K-5.  


The NVCA Promise

Steadfast in faith, NVCA is committed to a Christ-centered education
that transforms lives and impacts communities.
Our role is to define and reinforce God-given value, purpose,
and meaning in the pursuit of knowledge and growth in Christ.
An NVCA education comprises the foundation for a lifetime of learning.