Academic Experience

Child of God

NVCA recognizes the importance of early childhood development and the impact it has on the growth of young children. Age and developmentally appropriate promote effective physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual progress in their journey as a unique child of God. 

Spiritual Development

Through praise, prayer, chapel, and daily Jesus time, children learn they are a unique, loved child of God. Biblical concepts introduce the children to the love of Jesus and His love for the world: 

  • God Makes all things and all people special; 
  • God's love is for everyone;
  • Jesus is kind to all people and forgives when we do wrong;
  • Jesus died for me and wants to live in my heart. 

Cognitive Development

During preschool, amazing changes happen in children's thinking skills as their imaginations become a primary means for play and learning. NVCA provides appropriate opportunities for cognitive development such as:

  • Encouraging a foundation for a love of learning, creativity, and exploration;
  • Actively seeking information through "how" and "why" questions
  • Teaching developmentally appropriate basic concepts of math, writing, science, and communication. 

Social/Emotional Development

Children's social and emotional health impacts their overall development and learning. Our preschool environment enables children to experience the joy of playing, working, and learning with one another using opportunities that:

  • inspire independent and confident learners;
  • Nurture security and confidence with adults outside of his/her family;
  • Foster an environment of empathy and care for one another.

Physical Development

Keeping children active promotes healthy growth and development. Through play and participation, NVCA promotes motor, concentration, and thinking skills by:

  • Learning to move and express through music and song;
  • Developing fine motor skills, movement, and coordination through play and participation;
  • Playing and participating in games and activities to develop eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, balance, and more. 



The NVCA Promise

Steadfast in faith, NVCA is committed to a Christ-centered education that transforms lives and impacts communities.
Our role is to define and reinforce God-given value, purpose, and meaning in the pursuit of knowledge and growth in Christ.
An NVCA education comprises the foundation for a lifetime of learning.