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Private Online Christian Education

Our online academy offers distinctive opportunities for both NVCA, Non-NVCA and the Blended Learning Students combining campus classroom instruction with online academics. NVCA online program offers the convenience of a flexible schedule for all students desiring a Christian Education through our full online academy, blended or single class options.

Instruction with online academics include:

Christian Education

All online and on-campus classes follow the national standards taught by our certified caring teachers and provide a Biblical Worldview. NVCA mirrors the high-quality academic structure and teaching methods of traditional classroom learning, with a convenient and flexible format.

Flexible Schedule*

NVCA Online Academy offers convenience for all students desiring a Christian Education through our full online academy, blended or single class options:

Full-time Online Student: Student takes a full load of online courses which include 7 courses per semester with a cohort of students and teacher to assist in creating community from the convenience of anywhere in the country. These courses start and end with the NVCA regular school calendar.

Blended Student: A student enrolled with NVCA takes 4 classes on NVCA’s campus and a minimum of 3 classes through our online academy off campus. NVCA on-campus schedule is set up as a collegiate style block schedule to assist in flexibility for our students.

Single Classes: Many students want the opportunity to take a single course that we offer online and this gives a student the opportunity to do so.

*No matter the schedule, North Valley Christian Academy is able to meet the needs of all students 9th-12th Grade.







For further programming information contact:
Tanya Baker

Director of Admissions

Jason Mitchell

High School Principal

Glen Bagley

Online Academy Coordinator


The NVCA Promise

Steadfast in faith, NVCA is committed to a Christ-centered education that can transform lives and touch communities. Our role is to help define and reinforce a deep sense of God-given value, purpose and meaning in the pursuit of knowledge and growth in Christ for a transforming influence on the world. An NVCA education forms the foundation upon which all academic pursuits are built thereby enabling students to reach their full educational potential.