Middle School Hybrid FAQ's

What does a typical school day look like?

Students will attend all five core classes during the day. Classes start at 8:15 a.m. and end at 2:55 p.m. Seventh grade students are on campus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Fridays include Chapel and are a half day and students are released at 12:25 p.m. Eighth grade students are on campus Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Fridays include Chapel and are a half day and students are released at 12:25 p.m. Students work from home on the days they are not on campus.

What classes are offered for hybrid students?

Hybrid students will participate in similar classes as on-campus students, encompassing subjects such as math, science, language arts, social studies, and Bible. 

Will hybrid students be able to interact with other students?

Yes, hybrid students will have opportunities for socialization and interaction with their peers before classes, during lunch, and after school hours.

Can hybrid students participate in chapel, electives, and after-school programs? 

Yes, we encourage and hope to see all hybrid students attending and participating in chapel, electives, and after-school programs. 

Will hybrid students have the same teachers as the other students?

Hybrid students will have two to three teachers who teach the core classes. These teachers will differ from the on-campus teachers. 

Will hybrid students learn the same things as the on-campus students?

Our hybrid program follows the same or comparable curriculum as the on-campus instruction. 

Is my student able to complete their homework during class?

With the structure of Mondays and Fridays being work from home days, assignments will be required to be completed outside of the school hours.  

How many students will be in the hybrid program?

         Our class size for each grade level will not exceed 12 students.

If my student is falling behind, can we switch to on-campus instruction?

Choosing to enroll in the hybrid program necessitates a commitment for the entire school year. While measures will be in place to monitor students' academic progress, the students must seek teachers' assistance if they face challenges. Additionally, we have partnered with a tutoring company that offers on-campus support before or after classes for an extra fee. 

My student needs to meet with the teacher, what should I do?

All teachers have office hours. Feel free to have your student send them an email. Their email address can be found through the link under their name in out online school directory or their email address is their first name last initial @nvca.school (ex.brandys@nvca.school). 

What is the tuition for the hybrid program?

         The cost for the hybrid program is $998 per month.

Are scholarships available?

         ESA or STO funding is available for the hybrid program. Contact Susan Roty for more information.

Still have more questions about the middle school hybrid program? 

Please contact Brandy Springs, Director of Middle School Hybrid Program with any questions.


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