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NVCA® is committed to providing a Christ-centered and biblically based education, that not only transforms lives but also influences communities. We want our students to be prepared both spiritually and academically to boldly face the challenges of the world. As they prepare to move beyond the walls of high school, our NVCA Academic Advisors will help them navigate the different options available in their unique college and career paths. Please use the resources provided here to connect with an NVCA Academic Advisor.  

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The NVCA Promise

Steadfast in faith, NVCA is committed to a Christ-centered education that can transform lives and touch communities. Our role is to help define and reinforce a deep sense of God-given value, purpose and meaning in the pursuit of knowledge and growth in Christ for a transforming influence on the world. An NVCA education forms the foundation upon which all academic pursuits are built thereby enabling students to reach their full educational potential.